CRM системa

Achieve the best results with a reliable and universal platform!

With the CRM platform, it is very easy to organize and track interactions with potential or existing customers, partners and colleagues. All new events related to the company (phone calls, messages, meetings) can be easily recorded and interactions can be planned on the basis of integrated tasks.

The main modules of the platform:

  • Interaction management - CRM includes tools for creating reports, importing / exporting contacts, analyzing and segmenting the target audience with the required accuracy. Incoming contacts can be split between potential sales managers, marketing campaigns can be analyzed, and can vary depending on the status of access to any transaction or other parameters.
  • Sales Reports and Sustainability - Ability to get instant information about expected transactions and latest steps by looking at Sales Reports
  • Monitoring panels in CRM - the most important is the instant view of sales transactions. Each sales manager knows how many sales transactions he has made, how many customers have not been sent invoices for payment, his rating compared to other sales managers, and so on. can see.
  • Ability to prepare and send price proposals
  • Accounts within CRM - Ability to easily create invoices on the platform. It is possible to automatically add the account information to the account from the closed documents or to enter it manually. You can email ready-made accounts, save them in a PDF file, or print them.
  • Sales goals or plans - Ability to set goals for each sales manager, structure and even the company through the platform and monitor developments in real time. Targets can be set in two ways: by the number of contracts to be concluded over a period of time, or by the minimum sales volume.
  • Social network - Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, etc. Ability to integrate with social networks. Ability to respond to inquiries sent by customers on the social network on the platform and monitor inquiries.
  • Mobile CRM - Ability to use the mobile app version of the platform. So all the work can be done easily over the mobile app.
  • E-mail - control incoming e-mails and send a complete reply.
  • Customer call - the ability to make a single call from the platform via IP telephony integration
  • Assignment of roles in CRM - The ability to assign any role and authority to an employee of any company on the platform
  • General management of business processes, etc.


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