Have a new generation business with Positive!

Company values

These are the values ​​that guide us in our work, product development and brand. As our company continues to grow and develop, these five values ​​will remain unchanged.

Our values

- Information clarity

The openness of the assumed information within our company and the exchange of this information is our first principle. And every member of our team is free to express their opinion whenever they want.

- "Measure twice, reap once"

This advice is very useful in our daily lives and in our business. The key element of any business is wisdom so that we can consider our choices thoroughly and carefully. Then we start working.

- Our most valuable customers

We are doomed without happy customers. Thus, the client's point of view is very important to us.

- We play as a team

We spend most of our time working. And the more it doesn't feel like "working" then, the better. We can be serious without taking ourselves too seriously. It doesn't matter if it's in the meeting room or on the football field - we try to put the right thing for the team first.

- Make the change you are looking for

All Positive must have the courage and ability to make a difference - to make our products, our team, our space better. Sustainable development is a shared responsibility. The activity is independent.

     The solutions we offer:

     • Development of websites

     • E-commerce platform

     • Web and Desktop applications

     • Mobile applications

     • CRM system

     • BPM system

     • HR system

     • UX / UI design