Imagine being able to get all of the benefits listed below on just one platform:

  • Website to present products to customers online
  • Ability to sell online
  • Acceptance of incoming orders
  • Acceptance of service orders for your products, full control over the order process
  • Control over the delivery of orders to customers, the possibility of integration with courier companies
  • Possibility to make SMS notifications about discounts and companies
  • Manage all your social networks from one screen
  • SEO
  • Integration with e-mail, receiving incoming e-mails, sending e-mails
  • Integrated with IP telephony, making and receiving calls over the platform
  • Production of reports on all work done on the platform
  • The mobile application version of the platform, which includes all of them, etc.

Do you think it is possible to control all this from one screen?

Yes! On our unique platform, all this is possible even without an initial investment!


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